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We average the direct employment of 2 full-time and 19 part-time paid staff, who are generally located at our Office or Day Centres. In addition, we manage or employ indirectly approximately 12 other persons  whom are placed at our disposal, (e.g. minibus drivers,   chiropodists, hairdressers). We also have on record a number of persons or firms that are known to us or vetted that we refer clients to, such as gardening and property maintenance.

We employ 2 salaried staff and an average of 19 waged staff, all of whom have personal contracts of employment, handbooks, job descriptions with our Health & Safety Procedures freely available at every work location. We strongly endeavour to comply with all employment acts and requirements and see ourselves as a good employer with very pleasant working conditions and high job satisfaction enjoyed by all our staff.

As a Charity operating on limited resources, we do not have the money to employ the number of staff we would wish and supplement staff with volunteers, to try to achieve the low unit costing that we are required to operate within.

Current staff employed are:

Chief Officer1
Administrative Staff2
Day Centre Supervisor2
Care Assistants3
Catering Assistants1
Minibus drivers2
Bathing Nurse1
Domestic Cleaners3

In general, staff work between the hours of 8.30 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

RACDV Recruitment Policy Staff requires that under normal circumstances all vacancies be advertised locally on Charity Shop and Day Centre windows and in local free papers, (normally the News Shopper that covers a wide area) for a minimum period of two weeks. Two senior staff will select from all applications persons with the highest perceived ability and overall suitability for interview. Such short listed persons will be interviewed by a minimum of two senior staff, one of whom should be the Chief Officer, Supervisor or person that the applicant will report to if successful. Points will be scored on a range of issues and requirements with, generally, the highest scoring persons offered the position normally on a three-month trial basis, subject to two acceptable written references and an acceptable Standard or Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure. These requirements may need to be softened if only one or limited applications are received for any position.

Application Form To Become A Member of Staff (.doc)




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